It's time to make advertising the featured event

An ocean of highly engaging content is aimed at your listeners. The noise of it shouts more loudly than you could ever shout. It all compels your audience to ignore you. If your content isn’t more entertaining than the outrageous cat video with 50 million likes, then your content will get missed. Lost. Wasted.

We need to get resourceful. We need to use whatever we’ve got to lift our brand. Find your rooftop and shout from it.

Do something to get your consumer’s attention. Do anything. Step out of your comfort zone. Innovation can be messy. That’s OK. This is new territory. There is no class or booklet on how to lead into the future.

Find your platform and try random things. Be unconventional. Don’t be afraid of trying long shots. Look for anything that can float in this turbulent environment. Find entertaining content your brand can climb onto and ride it.

[Adapted excerpt from Surfing the Black Wave: Brand Leadership in a Digital Age, available now.]