The Many Hats of Digital Marketing

More media choices. More responsibilities. More complex strategy with more partners. Like we need more work to do. Right?

Actually, yes, it’s exactly what we need. The power of advertising and marketing used to be squarely in our hands. Now, in the Participation Age, the consumers have the control. They control the conversations. They control the mood. They control…everything, really.

Now we have to play by their rules, and that means putting on a new hat once in awhile.

Content creator

Face it: Consumers know when they are being advertised to. And a whopping 84% of Millennials despise it. We can’t take our advertising strategy and simply translate it to content marketing effectively. In fact, 90% of consumers find content that brands create useful and 78% believe that in doing so, brands are creating good relationships with them. But, it takes a lot of trust in the consumer to provide value to them without asking for the sale or providing gratuitous product features in our content marketing. Creating content that has nothing to do with our product can be foreign to us, but we need to adjust our thinking.


How are you leveraging the spools of data flooding your marketing platforms? Making any headway? Or are we only making more reports? Data that you gather about your consumers is only as valuable as the insights you distill from it. Who cares if 200 customers signed up for a perk package? Not that we need to spend less time gathering data, but we need to spend more time acting on it. Most analysts don’t have the background to determine the correct action. That’s up to you.

Brand experience crafter

Ideally, a brand exists to do more than sell something. There should be an underlying purpose turning the wheels, and sharing that purpose with its consumers will set the brand apart. This doesn’t have to be a publicity stunt. It can be something as simple as creating an event that speaks to your core values – like a night dedicated to family bonding. But who owns this? It’s not like we have a budget for creating a new department. It’s just another job on your list.

App developer

Mobile, mobile. mobile. Does it sound like a broken record, yet? Good. After we’ve finally launched our responsive design portal, the consumer patterns in mobile have changed again. Website marketing is so last year. A recent comScore study found that most of our time spent in digital media is not on any kind of website, but through a mobile app. That means being able to engage in and develop apps that are relevant to your brands’ consumers is of the utmost importance.

PR pro

Our legacy structures are built around having a PR firm and a social media firm. Why? Don’t they both do the same thing now? At least for half of their job they do. And, how will the PR efforts be leveraged for viral impact in social media, if these teams never even talk with each other? The PR firm needs to become a social media expert or your social media team needs to become a PR expert. We can no longer have separate interests conflicting within the same media space.

It’s daunting, I know. More importantly, though, it’s exciting! No longer are we defined solely by our 30-second spots. With so many new hats, there is ample room for major disruption.