This is not your father’s Atari, Part 2

About four weeks ago I originally posted on the upcoming Pokemon Go game and it’s been almost three weeks since the game launched. Prior to the launch when I initially wrote about the upcoming impact of this technology there were no users, today there are over twenty million users daily.

The participation wave has hit with historic proportions

The engagement and participation happening with this app is off the charts. This wave of participation is driving, or in this case walking Pokemon user’s right into restaurants, bars and retail shops who can capture these users into paying customers. Gotcha!

Right downtown where our office is located I’ve seen dozens of “pokemon zombies” wandering around with their phones up ready to snag the next Squirtle that unveils itself. Some of the local restaurant and juice shop have signs out front saying Pokemon friendly – come try our daily special for you.

Even as I was coming back to the office from a lunch appointment the other day I saw some of our creative department moving around the bank parking lot with their phones – capturing pokemon. It has been surreal to see the possibility I wrote about before the launch come alive right in front of me.

“The brands that can find ways to leverage this new technological horizon will create the game in which we will all compete.” 

As this platform develops and we see the launch of sponsored stops. Imagine a bank which plays to this and hands users free water for stopping in. Then, instead of promoting a new checking account bonus of $100 they promote pokemon gear/bracelet and $50 itunes gift card so they can better compete in the game – showing they know what matters to different individuals.

Can you see the pizza place around the corner that establishes the new sponsored PokeStop or gym and offers tailored discounts and giveaways to the team who controls the gym at a predetermined time.

Even today as I checked into a coffee shop on yelp, they asked me “Is there a PokeStop nearby?”

The Pokemon revolution is just another sign of Participation Age. This craze is just another sample of what is ahead. If last week you thought everything that will be invented has been invented, just pay attention to what happened since then.

What will your brand do tomorrow? Will you compete on the Pokemon network or will you build your own?

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