Traveling the World. For Better.

At DBA, we are committed to creating a better human condition. From June 4 – June 12, 2016, eight of our team members will be in India to open the DBA Dreamhouse, a shelter for 12 children. One of our copywriters, Chalaine Scott, is part of that group. This moving and transformative experience is one that we want to share with everyone that we can. Chalaine took the time to try to put into words what this means to her and to DBA. 

I’m sitting on a flight as I type these words.

Through a little oval window, I’m looking out at rows of clouds carpeting an endless sky.

The moon is shining in the distance, but a tiny line of fiery orange streaks across still, lighting the earth where it meets the sun, fighting the end of today.

Whether people choose to believe in a Heaven or not, it’s a pure sight for these eyes tonight. The blues are painted along the canvas: light to teal to royal to navy.

How lucky I am for this view.

How lucky I am for the eyes to see it and the breaths to enjoy it and the mind to take it all in.

Some will never get the chance to see the earth through the window of a plane.

Some will never get the chance to feel a dad hold their hand. Or a mom brush their hair. Some will never hear, “I love you.” Never crawl into a bed of cozy blankets or pick a snack from the fridge or turn on a faucet and fill a glass with water. Some will never call a home their own.

”Stir in me a love that’s deep, a love that’s wide, a love that’s sweet. And help me, Lord, to never keep it to myself,” a soft voice sings in my headphones.

The moon illuminates a giant sky, under it, so much world I’ve never seen, so many faces I’ve never met. So many hands waiting to be held. So many hearts waiting to be loved.

How lucky I am to work for a company whose mission is to better. And not just by bettering brands or bettering advertising, but by bettering every day. Because every day, it’s about getting better and striving for better and living to be better.

To better the way we treat one another.

To better the way we speak and act and play and live.

To be better for someone else.

To be better because someone else needs us to be.

To be sent to the other side of the world to make better.

Sometimes, we sit at desks, writing headlines and sketching out designs. And sometimes, on our even better days, we change a life. That is the sole reason we exist.

DBA set a goal, held the fundraisers, collected the coins and saved up the money to build the walls of an orphanage. To buy the beds and stock the cabinets and fill the closets. And now we go, with a team eager to open the doors of a home that will take 12 children off the streets and give them a place to call their own.

We’ll pack our bags and board a plane, traveling across countries and continents, living out our motto because we believe in it with all our hearts. To better the lives of those who need it most. Twelve little boys and girls once un-wanted and un-housed and un-parented. But never unloved. We go to remind them that. To show them that. To hug and play and share.

Some will never get the chance to travel and see the world from up here in the clouds. Some will never eat a warm meal or sip a cool drink or bathe in clean water.  Some will go their whole lives thinking they’re unloved.

So we go.

For a better human condition.