How To Impress Your CMO.

Brand EQ is the emotional connection that customers have with a brand. It’s what makes people feel loyal to a company and willing to recommend it to others. Brand EQ is essential for any business, as it helps create a positive relationship with customers and encourages them to return.

A Forrester study shows that 50-70% of consumer engagement is a result of emotion, but the question is how do we test for emotional engagement?

We recently did a study working with the University of Michigan to understand emotional engagement and we discovered the engagement matrix.

The engagement matrix is a tool used to measure emotional engagement. It gives us the ability to see what is going to sell and what is going to connect with consumers and provides us data as to what is going to work and what is not. Creating an emotional connection with customers is essential for any business. When customers feel connected to a company’s values and vision, they are more likely to be loyal and engaged. We found that when there is an emotional connection with your consumer it has double the impact at the bottom of your marketing funnel.

When it comes to creating a connection with customers, it’s not just about your promotion. It’s about your passion. When customers feel passionate about what you’re doing, they are more likely to connect with your company. This passion has to be based on your values and vision, not just on features and benefits. It’s about finding what is unique about your company and sharing that with the world.

Think about the last time you made a purchase. What drove you to make that decision? Was it the features of the product or service? Or was it something more? It’s likely that it was something more.

Creating an emotional connection with customers is essential for any business. Therefore, businesses should focus on creating a brand EQ strategy that resonates with their customers so get out there and talk about what matters most to you, your values, your vision, and your purpose.