5 Things Worth Your Time This Week: May 9, 2016

Matt Bunk, saw this week that he thinks are worth your time.

JetBlue – FlyBabies

Why it’s worth your time:  Have you ever wished for a bunch of babies on your flight? How about for a baby to start crying while at 30,000 feet? JetBlue takes one of the biggest airline negatives and turns it into a positive. [embed]http://https://youtu.be/xQyfu1LrOSM[/embed]

Duracell – Stay Connected

Why it’s worth your time: Duracell chooses to tell a story when the competition is still talking about product features. In a category where performance is equal even amongst generic brands, Duracell makes a share-of-heart play. Should have done a co-brand with Kleenex. https://youtu.be/m5znMZ_2w6c

Raiders Sessions

Why it’s worth your time: In 1978, George Lucas, Steven Spielberg, Larry Kasdan sat down to hash out what would become Raiders of the Lost Ark. 3 of the best storytellers in their prime. This is a master’s course on how to develop story. (Click the image) Raiders of the Lost Ark image

Designing Happy

Why it’s worth your time:  Can happiness be crafted? “One study found that waiters who gave mints at the end of the meal received 3% higher tips, while those who presented the mints with just a bit more effort, asking the question “would anyone like mints at the end of their meal?” received 14% higher tips.” (Click the image) Design Happiness

McDonald’s McTrax

Why it’s worth your time:  BYOT. Bring Your Own Technology might be the future of brand extensions. Who knows if this is a good idea for McDonald’s, but it’s definitely a good idea. Watch for the trend of brands supplementing the tech they know their customers are already bringing to the table. https://youtu.be/X6zPbogDPgU   Matt likes to share musings and cool ideas over on his LinkedIn, too. Check out the original post on his page, and then give him a follow. ]]>