5 Things Worth Your Time This Week: May 30, 2016

Five articles/videos/just plain cool things our EVP of creative development, Matt Bunk, saw this week that he thinks are worth your time.

Royal Mail – Animal Stamps

Why it’s worth your time:  A couple weeks back I talked about MAKING STAIRS MORE INTERESTING THAN ESCALATORS. The Royal Mail does that perfectly here. They could have launched a huge campaign to tell kids how fun sending letters is. Instead, they made it fun.

Royal Mail's Animal Stamp

World Trade Center – Elevator Ride

Why it’s worth your time:  47 Seconds. 102 floors. 50o years of New York City History. An elevator ride with no view becomes something unforgettable with a little visual storytelling.

Snickers – Hungerithm

Why it’s worth your time: The internet is so angry. All the time. Snickers turned a sentiment metric into a price algorithm for their product. Strategically, it’s a great push to partner 7-11, helping drive sales at a single location for a product you can buy anywhere.

Your Cheese is Made of Wood

Why it’s worth your time: This is an old article, but everyone I tell this to is blown away: The grated parmesan cheese you sprinkle on things is mostly wood filler. I’m not a huge, “all our food is fake” guy, but this should be fascinating to watch how companies like Kraft re-label 100% parmesan to say, “Now, With More Real Parmesan.”

Parmesan cheese is mostly wood

Carnival Cruise Lines – Fathom

Why it’s worth your time: Carnival Cruise Lines had a rough few years. Desperate to reclaim audience, they launched Fathom, a line that combines travel with service projects in different destinations. There are two ways to look at this: 1) A benevolent attempt to unite generous volunteers with countries in need, or 2) A desperate attempt to get any customer possible to pay above full price to travel on a big boat. Which do you think it is?

Cruise Line Boat