5 Things Worth Your Time This Week: May 23, 2016

Five articles/videos/just plain cool things our EVP of creative development, Matt Bunk, saw this week that he thinks are worth your time.

Burberry – Scarf Bar

Why it’s worth your time: Want to know what it takes to make a $575 scarf? This is just beautiful storytelling. The teasels at 1:24 is my favorite part.

Snapple – Snapple Facts

Why it’s worth your time:  I love the facts on the lids of Snapples, so this new campaign is my jam. Who cares if it’s a legitimate reason to buy? It’s at least funny enough to catch attention in broadcast and drive brand awareness in a tough category.

Japan – Second Life Toys

Why it’s worth your time:  The cultural stigma of organ donation in Japan is almost insurmountable. This campaign knows it may not win the current generation, but change can start with the kids whose minds can still be changed about donating.

Bill Gates – Summer Reading List

Why it’s worth your time:  Need a book for the beach this July? Let the richest man in the world tell you what he’s reading. The illustrations are always fun and his voice over is completely endearing. He puts up reading lists all the time, and they’re more approachable than you’d think.

Coldplay – Up & Up

Why it’s worth your time: Perfectly art directed. The image comping mixed with the color treatment makes this a fascinating 4 minutes that will make you want to re-listen to what was, frankly, a disappointing album.