Things Every CEO Expects from a CMO (Part B)

I work with a lot of CEOs and CMOs, and I’ve learned a lot from my clients over the years. I have also had both responsibilities within my own business. So, starting last week, I am posting a list of ten expectations that might not be on your job description, but might better equip you to accomplish the unspoken expectations of your CEO. Here are my second set of five:

6. Be a Business Partner
CEOs expect their CMO to act like a partner to every part of the business. CEOs don’t always understand “marketing language” in our synergy speeches. But CEOs alwaysunderstand business language. They want your pitch for a new creative direction to stem from a business need. They want to know how spending more money on this year’s marketing ventures will benefit the business side of the company. They are usually more worried about the assembly line than they are about branding the company image. You need to be capable of showing your CEO how a stronger brand image will benefit other parts of the business.

7. Be a Social Media Ninja
Most CEOs view Facebook, Twitter or Instagram as social media fads they need to stay on top of… mostly because they don’t want to become the butt of any jokes for not knowing the latest trends. They are not worried about what social media does, but they are worried about if their company is doing it effectively. You should know how to maximize social media, but don’t waste your time and your CEOs time explaining the specifics unless they make an impact on CEO initiatives and/or corporate business objectives.

8. Be a Student
Study the market, the industry and aim to know more about the business than the CEO does. This translates into all areas of marketing and business. You were given the CMO position because you were the best candidate for the job. Stay that way. Earn your position every day. Marketing is constantly evolving. Your CEO expects you to evolve with it.

9. Be a Winner
CEOs expect positive results. They are in it to win it, and you have to be too. In order to report positive results you have to set goals and measure your results. Run analytics on everything. Use tools that automatically run the analytics. The hours you spend on setting up those tools will pay off big when you plant that report of over-and-above projections on the CEOs desk. But what if you are underperforming on your campaigns? Winners don’t make excuses. They make recommendations. Running analytical reports will tell you wherethe problem is which will solution will help you solve it next time. campaigns? Running analytical reports will tell you where the problem is which will help you solve it faster.

10. Be a Dreamer
CEOs have big dreams. They envision a future they want for their company and they give everything they have to make that future into a reality. Above all, CEOs are constantly seeking out a team that believes in their dreams in order to make those dreams happen. If you cannot believe in the CEOs vision for the company, you will eventually become overlooked as part of the solution. You may not believe in all aspects of their dream, but you’ll be empowered to do more of your own ideas and you can run a lot faster when you dream with the CEO.