1 Thing Worth Your Time This Week: June 6, 2016

Usually, Matt Bunk brings you 5 nuggets of awesome each week, but for this installment, he’s decided to shake it up a bit.

Usually, Matt Bunk brings you 5 nuggets of awesome each week, but for this installment, he’s decided to shake it up a bit.

One thing that I believe is REALLY worth your time.



Billy Ivey is the best writer I know. I wish I was as good as him. Honestly, I wish I was better than him. But I’m not.

He writes honestly, and that’s something I’ve always struggled to do. He’s not trying to impress you. He writes in a way that doesn’t preserve his own image and by revealing himself, rough edges and all, his work relates on just a more real level.

Billy has a lot of kids. Like, think of a big group of kids and then add 1. That’s how many he has. And he loves his kids. I talk to him on the phone semi-regularly (we live in different states) and I quickly realized there are things he really likes and things he even loves. Then there are his kids. Above all else. Dads know what I’m talking about.

You are awesome

Billy started posting shots on Instagram of the notes he wrote on napkins to put in his kids’ lunch. They’re great. It’s not surprising that after a few weeks people started sharing them and liking them and talking about them.

Now, he’s doing something even cooler.

You can submit napkin notes, he’ll hand write them and then, thanks to some cool partnerships, they’ll get put into kids’ lunches. Which kids? Kids who are in need of a free lunch and, maybe just as importantly, some encouragement or joy or a joke that you’re going to have Billy write on a napkin.

Billy, thanks for showing us it doesn’t take that much to make people’s day a lot better.

Go visit his site now.


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