Hail To The

The Why.

With stay-at-home orders firmly in place and traditional production shoots on hold, the campaign relied heavily on user-generated content

The Way.

To recognize the incredible and selfless efforts of Michigan Medicine COVID-19 responders, DBA worked with the internal social media team to create and launch the #HailToTheFrontLine social campaign. 

Because the state of Michigan was on lock-down from the pandemic, DBA worked to engage employees and children of DBA staff to seed the content. If you look closely, you will find the children and grandchildren of creative directors, strategists and account team members in the posts below.

This video was made as an important announcement to inform patients that it is still safe to go to the hospital.

The Work.

To date, the campaign has received 2.3 million posts and resulted in millions of earned views and national news headlines. But most importantly it displayed countless moments of gratitude to the brave and committed Michigan Medicine front line, boosting internal morale.