"GHG is focused on creating a service culture that will surprise and delight your guests."


To create a new hospitality model that synthesizes & operationalizes joy, health and trust, one person at a time.


Through inspiring and state-of-the-art design, exquisite service and culinary experiences, leading innovation in digital health technology and holistic life enhancement programs, we will deliver a one-of-a-kind lifestyle experience integrated with the vision of top-tier health care providers and retail chains. Our goal is to touch the heart and soul of every guest while providing an anxiety-free environment for emotional customer-brand relationships.


Hospitality is no longer secondary to patient care. It’s the next great frontier of healing and organizational growth. Touching the patient and their family members through caring hospitality, impacts the overall wellbeing of the patient. A unified patient experience is not another marketing gimmick. Your breakthrough will not depend on external messaging alone, but on internal alignment of employee beliefs and behaviors that will speak louder than any advertising or communications plan.


As retail consumers are quickly transitioning from a desire for personal service toward a digitally connected relationship with their service brands, forward-thinking retailers and healthcare providers must adapt best-of-breed service technology with vigilance. 

Our team is a leader in the development of Digital Experience Platforms (DXP).  A properly architected digital customer or patient experience will capture data to “learn” about your guests’ wants and needs, it will inform the humans who manage them and eventually will automate responses to every customer’s expressed and unexpressed desires.


Brand Experience Planning

Frame the problem, identify the business needs, plan and conduct research, immerse the team in research, and identify a relevant set of insights.

Insights & Best Practices

Bring together and examine insights and generate their related implications

Experience Creation

Generate concepts, define concept elements, and articulate customer and consumer value propositions.

Implementation & Training

Deepen concepts, detail customer experiences, business models, and roadmap.

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