Think Small

After the tectonic changes have already taken place in Customer Relationship Marketing, we need to assess the best way to build our teams to address this change. As our predecessors have shown, bigger isn’t always best.  Thomas Edison’s “Muckers” of Menlo Park, the core team at the famous “Invention Factory” was a small group of […]

Your Brand is What it Does When Nobody’s Watching

It’s no coincidence that purpose continues to be a hot topic among corporate motivational circles. It’s a sign of the times. Purpose has always been a key indicator of human behavior, and now it is a key piece of employee retention and the continued success of a business. Most of us agree the general purpose […]

For Better or for Worse, Love is a Powerful Motivator for Consumers

There are brands that consumers trust and there are brands that consumers love. Love is not easy to achieve. It requires a certain tipping point of positive stimulus in the consumer brain. We are mistaken if we believe a brand can be loved by meeting the personal preferences of its consumers. There is no measure […]

“Your heart will take you where your head won’t fit”

Advertising has recently discovered the power of purpose. Purpose-driven brands are all the rage. From green planet campaigns to promotions focused on diversity and community care, it seems our products and services have become the afterthought. Does all of this new focus on purpose mean you should never discuss your brand’s performance, price or features in […]

Contemplating the Weird Science of Advertising…

Analytical thought and emotional thought are constantly at battle within a creative firm. We have discovered this battle is at the center stage of our mixed results. One emotional campaign is a winner, but the next fails. One analytical campaign creates sales, and the next flops. This is because the use of emotional intelligence is […]

It Comes Down to Purpose

As marketers, we must stop appealing to base human needs and start appealing to human expectations. A 2017 Harvard Business Review article titled, The Neuroscience of Trust explains why employees would work longer hours and even reject up to a 20% salary increase, in exchange to be given the opportunity to have more personal influence […]

The Age of the Slacktivist

The Age of the Slacktivist

It might look like I’m just standing around drinking a smoothie in the Atlanta airport, but in my mind, I’m changing the world. I feel that way because the little green logo on my renewable “Ecotainer” smoothie cup reads, “Making a differ­ence one cup at a time.” This “green planet” cup exists because social justice […]

Consistent Brand Values are Irreplaceable

There is an opportunity cost to avoiding controversy in marketing. The fear of repercussions from an off-color social post might cause many brands to retreat from the public eye altogether. And who would blame them? But, this is a mistake equal in gravity to making the stupid post in the first place. That’s because the […]

It's time to make advertising the featured event

An ocean of highly engaging content is aimed at your listeners. The noise of it shouts more loudly than you could ever shout. It all compels your audience to ignore you. If your content isn’t more entertaining than the outrageous cat video with 50 million likes, then your content will get missed. Lost. Wasted. We […]

The right audience is more important than a big audience

In an article published by Adobe’s CMO, former brand manager of Procter & Gamble’s Tide, Todd Morris said many marketers “think they’re using data, but they’re really at step one of a 10-step process.” He explained that in the early ’90s, P&G held a belief that mass marketing and owning large segments of consumers was […]