5 Things Worth Your Time This Week: May 16, 2016

Five articles/videos/just plain cool things our EVP of creative development, Matt Bunk, saw this week that he thinks are worth your time.

Disney – The Mansfield Family

Why it’s worth your time: I remember the first time my wife and I saw this on TV. I immediately tried to find it online, but Disney hadn’t posted it. So I rewound the DVR and taped it with my phone. I had to show others. I’m glad it’s online now. Disney is the best. That’s not opinion. That’s fact. Because they try. They look at their guests and never say “how do others treat them, we should be at least competitive with the others.” They ask instead, “what should we do.” The best brands aren’t keeping up with the competition. They’re being the best version of themselves.

Lockheed Martin – Mars Experience Bus

Why it’s worth your time: I lean more toward STEAM than STEM, but I guarantee this will be the coolest thing you watch all day. How do you inspire a new generation to reach for the stars? Show it to them.

Old Spice – Dream Runner

Why it’s worth your time: This is worth it for the interface and concept execution alone. Sure you can debate the relevance to the end product, but no chance you can fault the execution. It’s flawless. A great example of a brand taking advantage of the technology they know you already have in your hand. Double points for doing it through a mobile site and not requiring an app download.

Michael Williams – A Continous Lean

Why it’s worth your time: Because it’s eight words that make you rethink how you buy something and definitely how you’re trying to sell something.

I don't shop. I vote with my dollars.

Bloomberg Business – The Design Issue

Why it’s worth your time: If you love a good debate, show this to your design  team. But let’s just focus on #3 today: MAKE STAIRS MORE INTERESTING THAN ELEVATORS. If you want someone to switch behavior, you can tell them why they should or you can make them want to do it. Won’t work? Watch the videos below and tell me you would take the stairs and throw out your trash.

Design Rules

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