Walk the Walk

There’s a bank in Texas that unapologetically uses its brand values to lead its industry. “Few banks have performed as well for as long as Frost, which consistently ranks among the industry’s leaders in all key measures,” American Banker said.

Differentiate on Values

If all brands assert the same values, they cancel each other out. Next, the evolved consumer brain seeks out new evidence that demonstrates intent. Recent studies have found that the consumer brain is more likely to accept your brand values

“Your heart will take you where your head won’t fit”

Advertising has recently discovered the power of purpose. Purpose-driven brands are all the rage. From green planet campaigns to promotions focused on diversity and community care, it seems our products and services have become the afterthought.

Does all of this

Contemplating the Weird Science of Advertising…

Analytical thought and emotional thought are constantly at battle within a creative firm. We have discovered this battle is at the center stage of our mixed results. One emotional campaign is a winner, but the next fails. One analytical campaign

Trust in Others

CONFESSION: For me, the hardest thing about leadership is slowing down and putting trust in others to lead.

The servant leadership concept is simple: Teach values and set goals, then let your team have a voice and participate in the

It Comes Down to Purpose

As marketers, we must stop appealing to base human needs and start appealing to human expectations.

A 2017 Harvard Business Review article titled, The Neuroscience of Trust explains why employees would work longer hours and even reject up to a …

How Emerging Technologies Helped Build Physician Referrals

Dan Cobb, DBA’s CEO and Chief Strategy Officer, and Ara Telbelian of Henry Ford Health System were recently featured in an article on eHealthcareStrategy.com on using technology to drive patient referrals.

Social media and mobile apps are an important part

Tribal Marketing

Consumer Tribes will Define the Winners in 2018

A new study on human decision-making tells us we are not rational beings making emotional decisions — we are emotional beings making irrational decisions.

In the book Predictably Irrational, Dan Ariely asserts …