Build a Culture of “Storydoing”

Neuroscientists are beginning to study the impact of storytelling on the consumer brain. In one Princeton University study, neuroscientist Uri Hasson found: “…not only did all of the listeners show similar brain activity during the story, the speaker and the

Shakespeare on Advertising

A little known fact: The word “advertising” existed long before modern media. Even before the Internet. In fact, you’ll never guess who invented the word. OK, I’ll tell you. Shakespeare. I’m pretty sure he didn’t come up with the word

Make a New Rooftop and Get Your Message Heard

Our new competition is, literally, anything. Now, anything that distracts from your next sale is your competition. Any small piece of content on LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, a mobile app or a competitor’s website is your competition. It all competes for

Your Brand is What it Does When Nobody’s Watching

It’s no coincidence that purpose continues to be a hot topic among corporate motivational circles. It’s a sign of the times. Purpose has always been a key indicator of human behavior, and now it is a key piece of employee

North Star Values in a Turbulent Social Environment

It’s a storm of social media controversy out there. Brands are being held to new consumer values. Consumers want to connect to the values of the brands they give their loyalty to. This new consumer demand requires much of us

Walk the Walk

There’s a bank in Texas that unapologetically uses its brand values to lead its industry. “Few banks have performed as well for as long as Frost, which consistently ranks among the industry’s leaders in all key measures,” American Banker said.

Differentiate on Values

If all brands assert the same values, they cancel each other out. Next, the evolved consumer brain seeks out new evidence that demonstrates intent. Recent studies have found that the consumer brain is more likely to accept your brand values

“Your heart will take you where your head won’t fit”

Advertising has recently discovered the power of purpose. Purpose-driven brands are all the rage. From green planet campaigns to promotions focused on diversity and community care, it seems our products and services have become the afterthought.

Does all of this

Contemplating the Weird Science of Advertising…

Analytical thought and emotional thought are constantly at battle within a creative firm. We have discovered this battle is at the center stage of our mixed results. One emotional campaign is a winner, but the next fails. One analytical campaign