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Client: Henry Ford Health System

Cancer is scary. But robotic assisted surgery brings real hope to cancer patients. By creating a 24-hour concierge service alongside an automated 2nd opinion tool, DBA got the word out that Henry Ford is not only the pioneer in this field, they also treat you like a real human being in the process. The public responded. And the institute saw a 238% increase in online consults from the campaign.

Over the past decade, Henry Ford Hospital has led the world in robotic prostate surgery. As new competitors entered the market, Henry Ford needed to continue to build their reputation as a world-leading program and reach out to both consumers and physicians.

We chose to emphasize the global message that patients will travel the world for the extraordinary care of the Vattikuti Urology Institute (VUI). We segmented our consumer market into a local and national strategy. We focused on a second-opinion message and offered a 24-hour online consult to drive traffic. We highlighted proven evidence points: outcomes and volumes. We chose to focus on the program as a whole rather than a specific physician to help build the reputation of the hospital rather than a personal brand, and we launched with a half hour prime-time TV show about the story.

VUI saw a 693 percent increase in direct traffic to their web page (this link was only referenced in the call-to-action on the direct mail, television and print campaign). Online consults increased by 238% since the launch of the campaign. Furthermore, since our tenure on the account the VUI has increased by 437% more surgeries per year. National  media attention helped to ensure a key physician was retained with the health system, and the department currently leads the world in robotic procedures.

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