Game on Cancer

Client: Henry Ford Health System partners with the Detroit Lions

To defeat cancer it takes a team effort. We were excited when Henry Ford Health System decided to partner with NFL’s Detroit Lions to make a difference in Michigan’s fight against cancer. We were even more excited when we were able to produce a multi-screen campaign that would eventually send the Lions to the Super Bowl for the first time in history!

This unique partnership effort is on track to raise over $15 million for cancer research and raise awareness of the work being done at the Josephine Ford Cancer Institute. Henry Ford approached DBA to help them create an integrated campaign to help launch this exciting initiative, including a regional Super Bowl spot.

Cancer is scary. It has an aggressive offense and needs a defense that is unstoppable to defeat it. To help activate Lions fans to engage with this campaign, we featured legendary Lion Herman Moore as the coach against Team Cancer in an epic battle on the grid iron. In the beginning of our story, Team Cancer has the ball but the Lions deliver tackle after tackle until they cause the fumble that becomes the turning point in the fight against cancer. Throughout the story, our voice is aggressive towards Team Cancer, trash talking for intimidation. It’s time to let cancer know that it is #gameoncancer!

The campaign launched during the Lions’ October Cancer Awareness home game with an in-stadium experience and media support including broadcast television commercials, outdoor boards, radio, print, digital ads and social media.

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