Hospital System Branding

Client: Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center


CHALLENGE: Cincinnati Children’s Hospital challenged DBA to help them in their national rankings and brand awareness. DBA identified their physician reputation scores as the primary deficit against the leading competitors in the national ranking data.

SOLUTION: We commissioned a conjoint study to research a potential message hypothesis that could appeal to both patients and physicians. The study showed that parents of patients were moved by emotional imagery, but physicians were moved by data. No surprises there. But more specifically, we learned that physicians were moved by numbers and condition terminology in the headlines.


Physician Marketing: We launched the data-rich strategy in national news publications and online medical journals. Reputation scores were increased and Cincinnati Children’s was ranked as the No. 1 children’s hospital in the country for cancer care by 2013.

Consumer Campaign: In 2014, we had the honor of telling the story about their new rankings through an Emmy Award-winning TV campaign.

Digital Engagement: We joined the conversation in medical blogs and forums as a thought leader by syndicating live chats with Cincinnati’s world-renowned experts online. Hopeful parents made appointments that exceeded our goals by 250%. In addition to providing valuable content, the events generated great social media coverage through thousands of posts, tweets, shares and blog articles.

RESULTS: In addition to the No. 1 rankings in U.S. News & World Report, the branding campaign helped raise more than 30% additional philanthropic funds toward pediatric research, and the digital campaign delivered a 600% ROI.


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