Who is DBA?

Daniel Brian Advertising is a radically diverse group of strategic thinkers, artists, inventors, brand architects, media mavens and computer nerds who live on this earth to help brands grow and change the world.

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Better Brands for a Better Human Condition℠

Think about brands that make you smile. Visualize the brands that stand for your greatest ideals – your family, your values, or the healthy lifestyle you want to live. Driven by passionate purpose, these brands win consumer preference by building emotional connections.

Remarkable brands show us the way. To build a leading brand, we must do more than sell your features and benefits. Let’s dream together, tap into the power of your purpose and create a movement.


Remark-worthy storytelling to build the world’s most remarkable brands.

Our mission is supported by 4 pillars:

1. SEE OUR CLIENT’S POTENTIAL before they see it come to reality:
Leading brands all believe in the impossible before they achieve it. So, we begin by eradicating the words, “can’t,” “won’t,” “couldn’t,” “wouldn’t” and “shouldn’t” from all good endeavors.

2. DON’T JUST BUY THE MEDIA: BE THE MEDIA and make advertising the most popular media on the planet:
Traditional advertising is broken. Now, we compete in a multi-screen digital ecosystem where we have to earn the right to be heard. The best way to lead in this new future is to create it. That’s why our goal is to usher in the golden age of branded platforms.

3. TRANSFORM THE CONSUMER PATHWAY with trackable, real-time engagement:
You cannot manage what you do not measure. With DBA big data and full-funnel analytics, you can monitor and optimize your spending at every consumer touch-point throughout the new consumer pathway, including our specialized measurement, “Share of Heart.”

4. INSPIRE BRANDED MOVEMENTS to improve a billion lives:
Remarkable brands inspire consumers by improving people’s lives. Our goal is to scale your impact. If your brand can stand for something greater than the sum of your features and benefits, your best advertising will come from your fans, who will promote your brand better than you can promote yourself.


As a fiercely independent advertising agency, we are not beholden to the margins or limitations of public holding companies. So, we can put the needs of our clients before the needs of our board members.

Our owners, which includes all of us at heart, are driven by 5 core beliefs:

DISRUPTION is a good thing: We are all strategists who employ creativity with intense discipline. We disrupt the status quo by setting big ideas free from the culture of “can’t.”

HONOR is for everyone: We believe the very best out of each other. We are humbled by the belief that God is the source of all creativity and the only authority above a client.

LOVE is our only rule: All other barriers were made to be broken in the pursuit of unity. Remarkable love creates value for others rather than extracting value for self.

INTEGRITY always wins: We have the courage to do what is right. We never lie to a client or for a client. Good character is the beginning of success because it compels us to back up big promises with measurable results.

CELEBRATION isn’t just for fun: We inspire each other to be better than we were yesterday, taking the time to be joyful and generous with each big and small victory.

These have always been and will always be the values of DBA. The day we forget these principles is the day we die.

Join the participation age

Surfing the Black Wave Book Cover This is not only the age of the empowered consumer. It's the time to participate in media. We coined the term "Participation Age" and wrote the book on building brands in this new digital economy. Learn more by reading the book, Surfing the Black Wave: Brand Leadership in a Digital Age, by our CEO and Chief Strategy Officer, Daniel Brian Cobb.

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