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Matt Bunk

EVP, Creative Director

Matt began his career on the production side, producing, directing, and editing radio commercials and voiceover sessions.

His love of storytelling moved him from the sound booth into a copywriter seat, where he discovered that alchemy is possible if you can find the proper mix of strategy and creativity.

Over the last decade (plus a few years), he has built campaigns for financial, healthcare, insurance, retail and nonprofit clients. He has launched brands, relaunched brands, generated $1.1 billion in 90 days, made 200,000 people click a “like” button, branded a NASCAR race, and helped families find a better-tasting pizza.

He’s won a bunch of awards that he never talks about, and what he lacks in talent he makes up for in hustle.

He is also secretly bummed we couldn’t work a semicolon into his bio.