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Joel Cottrell


Joel brings a holistic financial approach to DBA, and draws on his 12 years of financial experience. Prior to coming to DBA in 2012, Joel gained broad background by working in the manufacturing, logistics, national retail, non-profit, and service sectors at such companies as Hyundai, United Road, Borders and UHY (formerly Follmer Rudzewicz Advisors).

Financial accountability and stewardship of the budgets of Daniel Brian Advertising and of their clients are the driving force of Joel’s financial department. Since coming to DBA, Joel has not only improved the reporting for internal and external purposes, but he has also brought his strong planning and forecasting background to empower each department and account manager to make knowledgeable decisions. Joel believes that members of his department can’t sit in the back office, but they have to engage with teams and help those teams to deliver remarkable results to the chief marketing officers who demand a return on investment.

Joel holds a Bachelors in Science degree in Accounting from Wayne State University. He and his family live in Oak Park.