DBA Approach

DBA is a lead branding agency. Working with your teams, we plan, create, produce, place and, most importantly, MEASURE fully integrated campaigns for every touchpoint of your branded experience.

We work with leading brands by harnessing the power of purpose to grow awareness and your bottom line through advertising, digital media and unlimited creative content capabilities.


Serving brands that serve families

Daniel Brian Advertising specializes in turning families into fans for some of the fastest growing brands in wellness and healthcare, finance, retail food-service and consumer packaged goods.


We manifest the magic behind leading brands

We grow emotional connections by harnessing the power of purpose. Beyond branding, we create measurable impact throughout your digital and social communications ecosystem. Our hyperlocal digital platform is proven to reach millions of consumers with individual customization and precision.


We believe the brand that contributes the most value to society wins

Advertising is an exchange. Let’s not fool ourselves. People don’t line up to hear about products and services. People line up to get something of value. The best advertising gives the audience a gift. We give them entertainment, a promotional offer or an emotional experience in exchange for their attention or consideration.

Leading brands earn “Share of Heart”

Millennials and “aspirationals” have disrupted the traditional marketing funnel with new measurables. Today’s fastest growing brands are earning emotional connections by contributing their influence to make the world a better place – as an advocate for your family, your values or your cause. We can’t ignore this consumer impact. We must quantify it. We’ve quantified the influence of advertising to help you optimize your consumer pathway. This is how we can provide unprecedented performance guarantees for advertising results.


As the shift of budgets moves from traditional to digital and non-traditional brand building models including service experience, marketers need an unbiased voice to trust when assessing options and recommending proper budget weights. We bring impact as your “branding agency” and efficiency as your “digital agency.” This eliminates costly redundancy and conflicting creative messages to improve ad productivity.

Brand Energy Consulting

As more than an advertising agency, DBA is a brand experience and engagement agency. We offer a wider range of services precisely because your Brand Energy is impacted by a wider range of sources than ever before.

Thinking outside of the narrow view of specialty niches, we can offer ideas beyond the traditional scope of advertising. All our brand consulting is rooted in research & strategic planning.

Brand Advertising:

CREATIVE CONTENT: video, radio, display, interactive, print, entertainment, video games, in-house production

multichannel paid/earned media, programmatic, analytics dashboards, big data, benchmark and tracking studies

Brand Engagement:

INFLUENCER ENGAGEMENT: thought leadership, third-party endorsements, PR and partnerships

CORPORATE CITIZENSHIP: cause marketing, foundation/philanthropy

DIRECT RESPONSE: promotions, events, SEM, direct mktg., sales

Brand Experience:

SERVICE EXPERIENCE: product, price, quality, features, benefits, retailscape, service standards, AI automation

CULTURE CONSULTING: employee engagement, shared purpose

BRAND PLATFORMS: website/SEO, mobile apps, email, loyalty/CRM

Join the participation age

Surfing the Black Wave Book Cover This is not only the age of the empowered consumer. It's the time to participate in media. We coined the term "Participation Age" and wrote the book on building brands in this new digital economy. Learn more by reading the book, Surfing the Black Wave: Brand Leadership in a Digital Age, by our CEO and Chief Strategy Officer, Daniel Brian Cobb.

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