Our “Better Brands” Backstory

DBA Team

It all began 25 years ago in a garage. Actually, it was a basement. A hopelessly optimistic 20-something named Dan Cobb envisioned an agency where brands could transform society by telling their powerful truth.

Today, DBA has brought this vision to life throughout multiple industries across the nation. Serving up award-winning media for clients in health care, retail, banking, entertainment, insurance, automotive, technology, government, and non-profit sectors, we’ve helped countless consumers to find the right brand – a better brand – for whatever their need.

We’ve even coined a phrase for this endless pursuit of brand storytelling that improves the world. Better brands for a better human condition. It’s what guides us in every idea and campaign.

The question isn’t whether creating better brands is a better way. The question is whether you’re ready for us to help you start your journey.