Peter Lantz: Using His Asperger’s For A Career In Video Games

“Be thankful for autism. God shines brightest in weakness, and it comes with strengths that enable us to fill certain job roles better than others would (a talent, if you will).” –Peter Lantz

By Ron Sandison

Recently I had the opportunity to interview Peter Lantz about his career creating video games.

“I have a unique job. I work as the only game developer in an advertising agency. I both code, create art, and do design work for the games we produce. Sometimes a client wants a (VR) virtual reality experience or something similar, and that’s where someone like me comes in. Other times its research and development or ‘showoff’ work that helps sell us as an agency. With the advancement of game-creation tools over the years, it’s become feasible for one person to throw together very small games as a career.

“At first it sounded like a job I didn’t want. I would be the only game developer at an advertising agency, which means no one would understand my work and how long it takes. When I finally went to the company’s website and checked out their values, it became clear this was a strong Christian company that believed “love was the only rule”. That statement resonated deeply inside, and I instantly suspected God was up to something. I kept seeing phrases related to love everywhere m…

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