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Inbound Marketing: Wants vs. Needs

Finally. I finally get it.

I finally figured out why most marketers don’t get around to giving priority to inbound marketing.

It feels like a want fighting for resources in a world of needs.

I followed my own blogging patterns recently, and I’m embarrassed to even act like an expert in this area. When my schedule becomes filled with immediate opportunity, my blog gets put off for another day. That becomes another week, and next thing I know, goodbye consistency. I remember when I was ranked No. 1 among 4,000 peers in LinkedIn for my constant engagement with the community. Today, I’m 279 out of 4,000.

What happened? Where did I go wrong? Well, I remember at the time, we lost a very big account, and I needed some activity around our agency story. Now that we’ve nearly doubled our business, I’ve been too busy doing the work to take the time to plan for getting more business. There you have it. I feel like I’m in a blogger support group telling you all my dirty laundry, but perhaps this will inspire me to get back in the habit.

In this case, I’m just talking about one form of inbound marketing – blogging. Anything from public speaking engagements to app development can be inbound marketing. Bringing customers to your brand, rather than inundating them with your traditional advertising (outbound), is what makes inbound special. It creates trust and authenticity in an overly inauthentic world.

The biggest reasons to take up inbound marketing:

What’s the moral of the story here? I don’t think inbound is just a want anymore. I think it’s becoming more of a need. I’m ready to start treating it as such. How about you?